Mail Theft Suspects Bring Baby Along With Them



Written by Trevor Montgomery

Riverside County News Source

With all the recent mailbox thefts and vandalism occurring in the valley, it is time to start putting the U.S. Postal Service on FULL BLAST until they finally decide to do something REAL to stop the problem of mail theft in our valley.


And then the USPS demanding that homeowners pay to repair the mailboxes themselves is SIMPLY CRIMINAL!!!!!!

If you work for the USPS you had better let them know I am coming after them with a whole series of full reports about the lack of ANY REAL EFFORT their Postal Inspectors are doing to thwart these ongoing problems!

Keep in mind, the USPS has an entire law enforcement branch of their own in the Postal Inspectors. They are armed and PC832 qualified, meaning they can make lawful arrests. They should be doing so much more. They have the ability to conduct stake outs, stings and much more….without outside law enforcement assistance!

As a former sheriff investigator, I have seen how fast they resolve these types of crimes in big money cities like Temecula and Murrieta, but the smaller cities and unincorporated areas always get forgotten.


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Written by Trevor Montgomery

Riverside County News Source

Hemet, Calif.; Yet another set of mail thefts and destruction of a mailbox occurred in the city of Hemet today. This time however, the crime was witnessed and the witnesses obtained descriptions not only of the suspects,  but of the suspect’s vehicle as well. Most shockingly, was the fact that a small child, approximately 3-4 years old, was seen inside the the suspect’s truck.

The suspects were described as a Hispanic couple, approximately 20-30 years old. The male suspect was further described as bald.

This most recent of countless reported mail thefts occurred in the area of Buchanan and Menlo, in the city of Hemet.

Screenshot (176)

The male suspect was seen attempting to pry open a community mailbox at about noon today. One witness immediately called 911 to report the incident. While the suspects were prying open the mailbox, they were startled when they heard residents in a nearby garage. When the suspects heard movement inside the nearby garage, they moved down the street to try to pry open a different mail box.

Unfortunately, before officers could arrive, the male suspect managed to pry open the back of one of the community mailboxes located at the end of street. The suspect passed stolen mail to the female driver of the truck and the two sped away. All the mail from the box was stolen.

Officers from the Hemet police Department responded to the area, however they were unable to locate the suspects or their vehicle.

The vehicle was described as a white or silver, newer model, two-door, Toyota Tacoma truck. The rear plate on the truck was a paper plate that said Carmax.

If you see this truck in your neighborhood, do not approach the suspects or attempt to stop or contact them. If they are still on-scene and in the process of committing the mail theft, call 911 to immediately report the incident. If you have any information about these thefts or any of the other countless recent community mailbox theft, please contact the Hemet Police Department non-emergency line at (951) 765-2400. Callers can remain anonymous.



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