Sara’s Town: Episode 17 – Valentine’s Animal Lovers Edition

Sara’s Town

Episode 17 – Valentine’s Animal Lovers Edition


Horses, horses and more horses! This special Valentine’s edition of Sara’s Town features a stable full of horses and is a treat for animal lovers everywhere!

unnamed (4)In this episode, number 17 in Sara’s series, she visits Invicta Farms and Paradise Farms – located in Hemet.

Paradise Farms is home to many formerly abused and abandoned rescue animals. Invicta Farms is home to nearly seventy Tennessee Walking Horses.

In this episode, Sara, already an accomplished rider who has won several awards for her riding, learns a lot about Tennessee Walkers and other animals kept at the farm.

During her visit Sara does her best to meet each and every one of the horses as well as many of the riders who love them. She even interviews many of the horse’s owners for the episode.  

Along the way Sara says hello to a barnyard menagerie of different animals, including geese, goats, ducks, burros, pigs and barn cats.

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Sara spends time grooming Ladybug

Sara even spends some quality time with Invicta Farms’ owner Beth Jennings, learning how to groom her new best horse-friend, Ladybug. 

Sara put a lot of heart and love into this episode, her biggest animal episode ever! 



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After filming her latest episode, Sara discussed the fun she had during production of the video:

Sara goes for a ride during her visit to Invicta Farms

Sara goes for a ride during her visit to Invicta Farms

“The farms we visited rescue abused and unwanted animals. There are so many horses there. They also let people ride them too.

We had to get up early in the morning to film this episode.

I had to get my hair and make-up done so I wouldn’t look like a ghost on camera. I met so many horses.

I met geese and I met goats and mules. I even got to meet a cat that was expecting kittens! The cats were really shy.

I love my work helping kids be kids. I also love seeing all sorts of neat people and animals.”

Sara tours the Invicta Farms property for the first time.

Sara tours Invicta Farms and Paradise farms with property owner Gary for the first time.

Sara met many new friends during her visit to Invicta Farms.

Sara meets Gail, Remarkable Journey and many other new friends during her visit to Invicta Farms.

Sara feeds one of many burros at the farm.

Sara feeds Buckwheat, Burrito, Jenny, Gypsy and many other mules and burros during filiming.

Sara met many fun and friendly animals during her visit.

Sara meets Wilbur the Pig and many other friendly animals during her visit. Sara even gets to feed Wilbur, whose favorite food is watermelon.

Sara interviewed many people during her visit.

Sara interviews Janet, a long time friend, who Sara has known since “before she was even a star.”

Sara interviews

Sara interviews Georgia and Dick during her fun-filled visit.


During a long day of filming, Sara gave all her fans a big thumbs up.

At the end of a long and fun-filled day of filming, Sara gives all her fans a big thumbs up.

Invicta Farms

Invicta Farms’ services are available to anyone who desires training and riding instruction for flat-shod breeds of horses. They specialize in the versatile gaited horse typically ridden by amateur owners and junior riders.

Their services include training for pleasure, show, or trail; clinics for all breeds including equitation, trail difficulties, behavioral situations and softening gaits; instruction for all disciplines including obstacle trail, reining, western riding, driving, and jumping; trail rides and shows; carriage driving for all breeds; standing champion stallions, and occasionally offers horses for sale. 

Invicta Farms is located at 35375 Tres Cerritos in Hemet, CA. and can be contacted at (951) 201-4847 or via e-mail at:


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