Officers save woman who hanged herself at Hemet Jail

Hemet Police Chief David Brown

“I could not be more proud of the heroic actions of my officers.” Hemet Police Chief David Brown

HEMET – A woman who was being booked into jail on suspicion of domestic violence Tuesday, July 19, attempted to hang herself at City of Hemet Police Department’s Jail. The early morning incident happened at 3:44 a.m.

During the booking process, an alert officer discovered the female prisoner had hanged herself in a jail cell using a telephone cord.

The officer immediately requested emergency assistance from other officers and summoned Hemet Fire and AMR personnel to the location.

Officers quickly worked together to free the subject from the telephone cord and they immediately began life-saving efforts on the woman.

They continued to render first aid to the victim until emergency first responders arrived at the jail, Hemet PD Chief David Brown later explained.

Firefighters and paramedics arrived about five minutes later at 3:49 a.m. Once they arrived, paramedics took over life-saving efforts on the victim.

Paramedics eventually transported the woman to a local area hospital to be evaluated and receive medical and psychiatric help.

“Were it not for the quick thinking actions of our officers, the victim might not still be alive today,” Brown said about the incident. “Thankfully, the officers did their job in an exemplary manner and a young woman’s life was saved. I could not be more proud of the heroic actions of my officers.”


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