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Christmas Special

While filming her annual Christmas Special at the Riegler’s camel dairy in Ramona, California Sara met so many new and exciting animals, which is always a special treat for her.

Sara got to ride a camel, which she described as much bumpier than horses.

Sara got to ride a camel, which she described as a lot taller and much bumpier than horses.

Of course Sara met many camels during her visit, including a mother named Lily and Lily’s baby Trouper, and loads of camel cousins – Camelot, Cyrus, Howser, Vorhees, Boo Boo and Sampson.

Sara also got to meet and interact with many other animals as well, including turkeys such as Turkules (pronounced like Hercules), Flash and Lightning. She learned about turkey beards, turkey racing and how much those turkeys love to strut.

She also made new friends with Noodle the chiweenie and Rajah the cockatoo.

She also met Rajah who seemed to have a nasty cough, but Sara was relieved to find Rajaj’s cough all part of his act.

The camels weren't shy at all and even tried to help with filming Sara's Christmas episode.

The camels weren’t shy at all and even tried to help with filming Sara’s Christmas episode.

Sara also got to meet animals from the farm’s Nativity, a very friendly bunch that is used to working with kids and performing on camera for the dairy’s guests.

Because this is Sara’s Christmas episode viewers get to enjoy plenty of holiday spirit as well. With snow, Christmas music and the true story of Christmas straight from the book of Luke from the bible; which was read by Sara’s very own Uncle Bill with the family gathered around a warm winter fire.

Sara's Uncle Bill reads the real story of Christmas to the family from the Bible's book of Luke

Sara’s Uncle Bill reads the real story of Christmas to the family from the Bible’s book of Luke

After filming was done for her Christmas episode, Sara had lots to talk about!

“It was really neat that I got to ride a camel,” Sara recalled.

“Riding a camel was a little different from riding horse, meaning it was a little harder and bumpier,” she explained. “Camels are a lot taller than horses.”

“I got to meet dog named Noodles,” Sara said. “Also there was a cockatoo that sounded like it was sick, but I was so relieved when I found out it was just imitating the coughing of a different owner who had asthma!” Sara said. 

“I had so much fun!”

So come join Sara and enjoy her Christmas episode, which is fun for the whole family!

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Producers note – In November we visited Gil and Nancy Riegler at Oasis Dairy Farm and spent the morning and afternoon meeting their amazing animals. Never having worked with camels before it was quite a treat.

I was expecting them to be a lot like horses; cautious, nervous, fearful of the equipment, new things and new people, but instead they were hams.

I was worried about getting them on camera and instead it was hard to keep them off camera. It was a wonderful time and Gil and Nancy couldn’t have been more gracious hosts.

Merry Christmas and God bless.

-Art McMahon

If you want to find more information about Oasis Dairy Farm as well as camel milk products visit Gil and Nancy’s site at:


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