UPDATE: More details after rifle-wielding man who repeatedly shot at Redding officers fatally shot

UPDATED: Wednesday, April 7, 8:30 a.m., With additional details from Redding Police Department.

Originally Published: Tuesday, April 6, 4:45 p.m.

REDDING, Calif. — A man who fled from officers in a stolen pickup and later opened fire on them after crashing into another vehicle was eventually fatally shot as he fled on foot into a residential neighborhood while continuing to shoot at pursuing officials this afternoon, Tuesday, April 6.

The deadly incident, which began in the area of Leland Avenue and Grange Street, ended with the suspect’s fatal shooting in the area of Court Street and Grandview Avenue.

Home security camera footage obtained by SCNS – but not authorized for release – showed the final moments of the incident, as the rifle-wielding man fled through an open field from Railroad Avenue onto Court Street, where he was fatally shot by an officer as he approached a vehicle with an open door just north of Grandview Avenue.


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Today’s deadly incident began around 1 p.m. when City of Redding police officers received a LoJack notification of a stolen vehicle in the downtown Redding area, Redding Police Lieutenant Levi Solada later said of the fatal encounter.

Several officers began searching for the vehicle, described as a 2004 White Ford F-250 pickup, in the area of Leland Avenue.

Officers spotted the stolen pickup truck being driven recklessly on Grange Street and attempted to conduct a traffic stop on the suspect vehicle; however, the driver failed to yield and a pursuit was initiated.

Official radio traffic at the time indicated the vehicle was being driven by a man who had a female passenger with him.

Officers converged on the scene of today’s deadly shooting. Despite life-saving efforts, the rifle-wielding man died after being shot by an officer. KRCR News Channel 7 images

“The suspect vehicle drove southbound on Polk Street at a high rate of speed and turned westbound onto Ellis Street, failing to stop at the stop sign,” Solada described; adding, “Due to the safety of the public, the pursuit was terminated.”

Although no longer being pursued, the suspect continued on Ellis Street before recklessly racing through the dirt lot of a business in the 3400 block of South Market Street.

The suspect vehicle emerged onto Sutter Street, pulling out onto SR-273, where the stolen truck crashed into a passenger vehicle that was traveling northbound on the highway.

An adult female and two juveniles were in the passenger car that was struck by the suspect’s vehicle, but none of the three were injured in the collision.

After the crash, the suspect emerged from the pickup while armed with a rifle and fled on foot, running westbound toward Veda and Terrill streets. The unidentified female also fled from the passenger seat of the suspect vehicle after the collision.

Officers on foot, in patrol vehicles, and on a patrol motorcycle immediately gave chase, following the armed suspect.

“During the chase of the suspect, the suspect fired several shots, directly towards one of the pursuing officers,” described Solada.

At that point, an emergency “shots fired” and “officers need assistance” call was broadcast, at which time multiple other surrounding law enforcement agencies, including a CHP – Northern Division Air Operations helicopter began responding to the area to assist.

Officers are seen attempting life-saving measures on a man who repeatedly shot at them after crashing a stolen vehicle earlier today. Redding Crime and Community Alert/Shasta County photo

With officers in hot pursuit, the suspect – who was still in possession of the rifle and was continuing to fire at officers – ran southbound along the train tracks for approximately 200 yards and then turned around and began running back northbound along the railroad tracks. He then ran across Railroad Avenue approaching several businesses. 

Home security camera footage then showed the suspect running through a dirt lot heading toward the end of Court Street, as more than a half-dozen officers on foot and others in a patrol SUV closed in on him.

That security footage showed the rifle-wielding suspect once again firing at officers, who despite the imminent danger to their own lives, continued to close the distance between themselves and the armed man.

“The suspect continued running along Court Street, crossed Grandview Avenue, and approached a citizen’s vehicle parked on the east curb line of Court street,” Solada described; saying, “The driver’s door of the citizen’s vehicle was open, but it was unknown if it was occupied.”

As the suspect approached the open driver’s door he fired another round from his rifle, at which time one officer opened fire on the suspect with his department-issued patrol rifle.

“The suspect was hit and fell to the ground,” said Solada.

Officers spent several hours processing multiple crime scenes after a suspect was fatally shot following a vehicle pursuit, crash, and foot chase; during which the deceased man repeatedly fired upon pursuing officers. Redding Police Department photos

Officers immediately began rendering medical aid to the felled gunman. Despite life-saving measures, the man succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced deceased at the scene.

The suspect’s name has not been released, pending further investigation and notification of the man’s family.


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Although officials searched extensively for the woman who fled from the stolen truck she was not immediately located, but investigators are following up on leads as to her identity and whereabouts, said Solada.

Following the fatal shooting, the Redding Police Department activated the Multi-Agency Critical Incident Protocol and is working in conjunction with the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office, Shasta County District Attorney’s Office, Anderson Police Department, and the California Highway Patrol to investigate the deadly incident.

Anyone with information regarding this investigation or who knows the identity and whereabouts of the female who fled from the stolen truck is encouraged to contact Redding PD’s Detective Division at (530) 225-4200.

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