Lack of officials & opposing teams forces local HS football schedule changes

From the Bleachers – With Ron Mosher


A couple of football game date and time changes were announced today, affecting Big Valley and Burney Jr/Sr High School’s.


The Big Valley Cardinals were set to host Hayfork this Friday night (Oct. 8) but forced to move the game up a night to Thursday (Oct 7) due to not enough officials to cover all the games on tap for Friday. Kickoff time has also been changed, as the school’s have moved it up from 6pm to 5pm, due to Hayfork’s travel time/distance with school the next day. The Big Valley volleyball team will host Surprise Valley on Thursday starting at 4pm – making the night a double header.

In my humble opinion, you’ll probably never see a larger school being forced to change their football schedule due to lack of officials. Much less criticism when you choose schools with smaller enrollment – not as many people to throw up a stink.


The Burney Raiders have this Friday night off with a Bye, and originally had set their homecoming game for Friday night, October 15 against Loyalton. However, when Loyalton cancelled their season, it left Burney hanging with their Homecoming set and no opponent. They managed to find a foe in Anderson Valley Jr/Sr High School but in order to book the game, moved it to Saturday, October 16 with a start time of 5pm.

So what’s the skinny on this new as of now, unheard of opponent.

The Anderson Valley Panthers are located in Boonville, a town of just over 1,000 is located in Mendocino County east of Clear Lake. The travel distance to Burney is 226 miles – therefore the move to a Saturday game. Like our Intermountain Area schools, Anderson Valley is a Junior/Senior high with an enrollment of 136 in all six class years. A strange fact – both schools are located on ‘Mountain View Road” in their respective towns.


The Fall River Bulldogs Friday night game is still scheduled to be played as planned. The Bigg Wolverines come to town to pit two undefeated squads meeting head to head. Biggs owns a 3-0 mark, while the hosting Bulldogs are sitting at 4-0.

The night is also Homecoming for the Bulldogs, with festivities taking place all week long at the school, with the football night set to have the JV teams battle at 5:30 and varsity to follow.

Stay tuned for next week’s scores, game highlights and updates!  

Varsity only  

  • Friday, Aug. 27: Tulelake at Burney 6pm (FINAL SCORE: 44-33 – BURNEY WIN)
  • Wed., Sept. 1: Big Valley at Burney (Fair Bowl) 6pm (FINAL SCORE: 22-14 – BURNEY WIN)
  • Friday, Sept. 10:  Burney at Loyalton 6pm (FINAL SCORE: 18-24 – LOYALTON WIN)
  • Friday, Sept. 17: Redding Christian at Burney 6pm (FINAL SCORE: 39-6 – RC WIN)
  • Friday, Sept. 24: Burney at Chester 6pm (FINAL SCORE: 42-25 – BURNEY WIN)
  • Friday, Oct. 1: Burney at Tulelake 6pm
  • Friday, Oct. 8: No scheduled game
  • Friday, Oct. 16: Anderson Valley at Burney (Homecoming) 5pm
  • Friday, Oct. 22: Burney at Redding Christian 6pm
  • Friday, Oct. 29: Burney at Chester at Burney 6pm

JV and Varsity teams
JV games:

  • Wed. Sept. 1: Fall River at Modoc 5:30pm (COVID CANCELLED)
  • Sat. Sept. 11: Fall River at Ferndale 12 noon

Varsity games

  • Friday Sept. 17: Pierce at Fall River 5pm (FINAL SCORE: 14-0 FALL RIVER WIN)
  • Friday Sept. 24: Quincy at Fall River 5pm (FINAL SCORE: 37-0 – FALL RIVER WIN)
  • Friday Oct. 1: Fall River at Maxwell 5:30pm
  • Friday Oct. 8: Biggs at Fall River 5:30pm
  • Friday Oct. 15: Fall River at Weed 5:30pm
  • Friday Oct. 22: Fall River at Portola 5:30pm
  • Friday Oct. 29: Etna at Fall River 5:30pm
  • Friday Nov. 5: Fall River at Los Molinos 5pm

Varsity only

  • Wed. Sept. 1: Big Valley at Burney (Fair Bowl) 6pm (FINAL SCORE: 22-14 – BURNEY WIN)
  • Friday Sept. 17: Butte Valley at Big Valley 7pm (FINAL SCORE: 39-6 BIG VALLEY WIN)
  • Friday Sept. 24: Greenville at Big Valley 7pm (NO GAME PLAYED)
  • Friday Oct. 1: Big Valley at Princeton 7pm
  • Friday Oct. 7: Hayfork at Big Valley 4pm
  • Friday Oct. 15: Big Valley at Dunsmuir 7pm
  • Friday Oct. 22: Westwood at Big Valley 7pm
  • Friday Oct. 29: Big Valley at Happy Camp 7pm

About Ron, from the man himself:

Ron Mosher

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I returned to the Intermountain area in the 1990s and restarted my sports life in the area by working for Donna and Walt Caldwell and their Mountain Echo newspaper, retiring a few years ago after 20-plus years chasing kids all over northern California covering their antics in playing games. 

I have a love for all three of the Intermountain area schools, having attended Big Valley elementary through fourth grade, graduating from Burney elementary and then becoming a 4-year Fall River Bulldog, graduating in 1961… yep, I’m an old guy.

But, I’m an old guy who’s glad to be returning to the keyboard in following Intermountain Area sports and the kids who play ’em… remember: Find something round… you’ll have a ball!

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