Religion Today: The Consequence Remains

Guest Writer Spotlight: Robert Socha The enemy of our souls has been harassing mankind ever since that serpent first beguiled Eve. His tactics are always very similar, “you will not surely die.” The consequence remains. I have been thinking and writing extensively about the cataclysmic events (related to a worldwide collective’s Chinese scapegoat) that have eclipsed rational thought and common […]

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Guest Writer Spotlight: Unconditional Love – Examples from the books of Luke and Acts

By Cynthia Teske The ministry of Jesus Christ as it is recorded in the book of Luke is the easiest gospel to comprehend. In it Luke stresses Jesus’ relationships with people, he emphasizes prayer, the miracles of Jesus, angels, and he shows how women have a prominent place throughout Jesus’ ministry. Since Luke was a doctor he put the life […]

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Religion Today: Seven practical tools for how to cope with pandemic anxiety

Few events in modern history have harmed the emotional well-being of people around the world as has the COVID-19 pandemic. The threat of contracting or transmitting a life-threatening disease and the added challenges of anxiety and isolation have had an immeasurable impact on people of all backgrounds. SEE OTHER RECENT RELIGION TODAY ARTICLES: Religion Today: Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Year Without Knocking […]

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