Breakfast With bubbie: Marriage Isn’t For You

Breakfast With Bubbie


Written by Robin “Bubbie” Montgomery
Over the past ten years of my life, whenever I have discussed Trevor’s accident, people have said to me “Trevor is so lucky you didn’t leave him” It never failed to stun me that people could possibly think I would EVER leave Trevor, let  alone during the worst possible time of his life. They would then proceed to tell me about different friends that left their spouse, or their spouse left them after suffering sever injuries. I was absolutely dumbfounded. I still can not wrap my mind around leaving your spouse in their time of need. No matter how terrible it is.
My reply was always the same. Never in a million years could I leave Trevor. Don’t people remember their vows…in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad times, until death do us part? Do those words, those VOWS mean nothing?
One day I came across a post…Marriage Isn’t for you… says everything I have felt about this statement I heard so often.
My marriage isn’t for me. My marriage is for us. That’s why Trevor isn’t the lucky one, I am. I am lucky to be able to care for him.  I am lucky because I got to see every miracle he achieved. I got to watch him sleeping at night because I still had him. I am the lucky one.
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  • Dear Bubbie, I feel like you do. I would never trade my husband. We are just like glue. Like most we have, had lots of down time. With his health, major headaches, accident, low sugar. Animal rights activists, changing your insulin to synthetic. Don’t get me wrong, we love animals… Bad Doctors… etc.
    I’m very Proud of him, he keeps getting up and fighting. He is a very loyal and loving. And a great protector. He is my night in shining armor. Yes you do at times, feel…… I would not trade in a minute.
    I am proud to be his chosen. Marriage is for all, it’s a special bond. Sometimes you need to step back, take a breath. And talk things through, not fight against petite, things.

    Change direction and giving them to , Jesus. You’re problems might not be answered right away, give it time. Just remember to Love, through the difficulty. And please don’t fight in front of the children, for they think it’s their fault for something they did.. Remember the good, not dwell on the negative.
    Married for, 39 wonderful adventure years. But if you are abused by all means leave… It’s called CONTROL.