Breakfast With Bubbie-Bored In Beaumont

Robin “Bubbie” Montgomery

Riverside County News Source


Dear Bubbie,

I have been retired for over two years now. My wife is due to retire in 8 months. When she finally retires we plan on traveling and I’m very anxious for her retirement to get here.

I have gotten in a daily routine of cleaning up the house and yards. I get my honey-do-list done, usually, by the end of the day.

I can’t wait for my wife to get home at the end of the day just so I have someone to talk to.

I have to tell you I’m going crazy with nothing to do. I’ve even considered getting a part time job just to give me something to do. But I don’t want to get a job just to turn around and quit in 8 months.

Can you give me any ideas to keep me busy and sane?

Thank you,

Bored in Beaumont


Dear Bored,

Have you considered volunteering? There are so many organizations that are desperate for volunteers.

Figure out what your passion is whether that be working with children, veterans, the homeless, the disabled, hospitals, or even law enforcement.

This way you are busy, interacting with people and helping people that need you.

Here are some links that may help:


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