HEMET: Hemet PD Sgt completes intensive and prestigious leadership course

HEMET – Sgt. Bob Nishida, of the Hemet Police Department recently graduated from the Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute (SBSLI). The SBSLI is an intensive, eight month-long program that all line level supervisors at Hemet PD attend.

Sgt. Bob Nishida with Chief David Brown.

SBSLI is administered by California Peace Officer Standards and Training at California State University of Long Beach and is designed to stimulate personal growth, leadership, and ethical decision-making in California law enforcement front-line supervisors.
SBSLI was designed and implemented in 1988, through the efforts of California law enforcement professionals, top educators and law enforcement trainers. SBSLI is an intense program based on experiential learning, using techniques based on experience and observation. Officers and supervisors who attend the course are also challenged to learn new ways to resolve issues through group and individual work.
The curriculum takes attendees through a wide variety of training areas essential to being a successful leader in a law enforcement setting. Areas of specific training include an analysis of critical incident management; such as planning, organizing and directing as well as leadership essentials, such as inspiring and challenging subordinates. The course also reinforces how each discipline compliments the other.
Covering a wide variety training areas, the lengthy course progresses from self-evaluation, to interpersonal evaluation, to organizational relationships.
Members of PACT.

Members of Central PACT.

Sgt. Nisihda is currently the supervisor of Central PACT, (Post-Release Accountability and Compliance Team).

Central P.A.C.T. was originally formed in February of 2012 and is a multi-agency task force based out of Hemet that targets probationers who were released from their jail sentences early under Assembly Bill 109. AB 109 resulted in the state releasing prisoners from state prisons to alleviate overcrowding issues to comply with a Supreme Court decision. These prisoners were moved to county jails or reassigned to the county for supervision under county probation. From there, they are released into the community. Many require post-release supervision.

Central P.A.C.T. participating agencies include Hemet Police Department, Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, Beaumont Police Department, Murrieta Police Department, Riverside County Probation Department, Riverside County District Attorney’s Office- Bureau of Investigations, and U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

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Sgt. Bob Nishida.

Sgt. Bob Nishida.

The skills Sgt. Nishida learned over the course of his recent training will not only serve him well in his current position, but in all his future positions as well.

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