MURRIETA: Young girl’s letter to police touches officer’s hearts



A recent letter sent to Murrieta Police officers from a young resident named Gisele is helping to remind all citizens how important and special our law enforcement professionals are and what a huge part they play in keeping us all safe while keeping our communities “clean and bad free.”

Lt. Tony Conrad, of Murrieta Police Department, explained the letter was posted on the window in the front lobby of the police station. Records personnel found it and were so touched they shared the letter with one of Murrieta PD’s dispatchers, who in turn thought it would be a great idea to post it on the department’s Facebook page.

“Often times, law enforcement officers can be looked at in a negative light, so a positive interaction always feels good,” Conrad said about the unexpected letter. “We get commendations and letters of appreciation for our officers quite frequently, by email, phone call or letter.” He Continued, “We get letters from kids quite frequently, but this is the first time I can remember a letter being left at the front counter.”

In her letter to Murrieta PD officers, Gisele, who didn’t list her age, wrote:

A letter sent to Murrieta Police officers from a young girl named Gisele has been touching a lot of hearts.

A letter sent to Murrieta Police officers from a young girl named Gisele has been touching a lot of hearts.

Dear Police,

Thank you for keeping things safe, and also for helping out to keep our place clean and bad free. This is a little note to just say we all appreciate your help.



Gisele’s letter definitely did not get ignored. When police officials shared the letter on their Facebook page they even wrote her a message back:

Little Miss Gisele,

Thank you for leaving this card for us, you have made our day! We do our best to keep our community “safe, clean and bad free!!!”

Murrieta Police Department

“All of our officers love to hear positive comments about their work from the community they serve, but the letters from children are probably the most rewarding,” Conrad said.

“We very much value our partnership with this community. A huge part of this community and probably the most important asset we have is our children,” Conrad explained. “Little Miss Giselle thanked us with a very thoughtful letter – and our response to her is we will keep up the good work!”

Acknowledging the expanding role social media and the internet currently play in the department’s interactions with the public, Conrad said, “Most of our communication with the community is through social media, a lot of our social media communication is very positive.”

Conrad encouraged others to join the conversation and stay more connected with issues related to Murrieta and the Murrieta Police Department by visiting them on Facebook and Instagram.

“We strive to stay connected with our community and we use social media as a platform to accomplish this goal,” Conrad said.

Gisele’s letter serves to remind us all what a vitally important role our law enforcement agencies and officers play throughout our communities and how important a role our children and their views are.

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  • Her parents should be very proud of her. Need a lot more kids like her. Thank you Murrieta Police department for responding to her letter and thank you for all that you do!

    • I am in the process of writing a more comprehensive and detailed report about sweet Gisele and her letter for Valley News, with interviews from MPD officers. I wish I could track down Gisele’s parents too….