Tinder use may have led to man’s murder

Samuel Galvan, 28, had been missing since Sept. 11, according to Riverside police officials.

Samuel Galvan, 28, had been missing since Sept. 11, according to Riverside police officials.

RIVERSIDE – An investigation into an “At-Risk” missing adult and human remains found on a private, residential property in the 21800 block of Old Elsinore Road, in the unincorporated area of Mead Valley have led to murder charges against three Mead Valley residents.

The missing man, who was identified as 28-year-old Samuel Joel Galvan, was last seen Sunday, Sept. 11, when he left his house in the Orangecrest neighborhood of Riverside.

Galvan, who reportedly had difficulty sleeping at night and was known to take late-night trips to local stores, reportedly left his residence around 2 a.m. and never returned home. His car was located in Corona five days after his disappearance.

According to one of Galvan’s family members, who requested be identified as Claudia Renard, Riverside Police Department’s case progressed as they began to go through Galvan’s phone and internet use records.

This tragic incident happened after “he met a girl on Tinder.” Renard explained. “Samuel was pushing the girl to meet him in person.”

Tinder is a location-based social search service application that provides communication between mutually interested users, allowing matched users to chat. The app is commonly used as a dating services app.

According to Renard, the girl, who is reportedly in her 20’s but has not yet been publicly identified and whose age has not been verified, decided to “invite him over so they could teach him a lesson.”

“They then tortured him,” Renard explained. “I don’t know why they thought they needed to teach him a lesson.”

“The cops tracked the phone records to the girl and she told them the whole story,” according to Renard.

Following their investigative leads, Riverside police officials served a search warrant at the Old Elsinore Road residence. They were assisted by deputies and investigators from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Perris Station.

During the service of the search warrant, officials located human remains on the property at which time the sheriff’s Central Homicide Unit assumed the investigation.

After they were confronted, “(Rangelayala) and (Ramirez) took the police to the body,” Renard said. “They were both arrested in the field where they burned the body.”

A jail record search revealed both Rangelayala and Ramirez were arrested in an open field in the area of Old Elsinore Road and Orange Avenue. Acosta was arrested a few hours later on Nuevo Road in Perris.


The three alleged suspects, identified as Angel Christopher Acosta, 29; Gabriela Rangelayala, 41; and Raymundo Ortega Ramirez, 32; all residents of Mead Valley, were arrested for murder and other charges related to the incident. All three were booked into custody at the Southwest Detention Center, according to Riverside Sheriff’s Sergeant Walter Mendez.

Riverside Superior Court records showed the District Attorney’s office filed the charge of murder with the special circumstances of inflicting torture and intentional murder against all three suspects. Court records listed Galvan as the victim. The date of the crime was listed as Sept. 11, the day he was last seen as he was leaving his residence.

The three are next scheduled to be seen at Riverside Hall of Justice Nov. 2 in Department 63.


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  • So the girl in her 20’s wasnt arrestted? Wouldnt she be an accomplice, if she felt he needed a lesson and she knew what happened to him and who was involved?

    • It seems to me Galvin wouldve never encountered the suspects…otherwise. Also, she most likely knew what happened to him and she witheld that info until Galvins family members contacted her. Sounds like she may be more guilty then the ignorant suspects!!!

    • I think it was the 41 yr old saying she was in her 20s….maybe, but if not good point. She would be an accomplice.

  • Are the alleged illegal aliens

  • Yeah from Mars A$$ hole

  • I know the Reymundo guy….that’s what happens when your a drug addict…the 41 year old broad should be slammed with all the charges…shes known all over Mead Valley as the RENTAL HOE

  • I went to school with angel. Sad this is how life turned out for him. He was a great kid. Knew him well. Hope he had nothing todo with it..

    • I know angel as well and i know his family very well. He was sleeping on the couch in another room while all that was happening. I dont see why he is getting charged with life. I grew up with sam galvan the victim as well. I lost contact with him after high achool. I knew his mother very well and i know sam was an excellent man.its very tragic this happened and ill be prayimg for his family

      • How can someone sleep while another persons being tortured in the next room. Just saying,