Religion Today: The Conquering King – A Palm Sunday Devotional

Imagine the epic scene when the conquering king enters the city on his huge warhorse. The trumpets announce the king’s arrival. Bright banners flank the procession. The people crowd the streets to get a glimpse wondering if this king will be any better than the last one. As the king passes by, they look into his eyes hoping against hope that he will be a good king – One who will have a good heart, be fair, righteous and bring blessing to their land. They know that […]

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Religion Today: Cheyenne Mountain

Religion Today: Cheyenne Mountain – By Richard Lewis In the mountains of Colorado there is a special Government facility not far from Colorado Springs known as Cheyenne Mountain. This large underground complex was built during the Cold War era. The usage of this huge underground complex has varied over the years but its current role is to give military communications equipment […]

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