I liked him, so I put a ring on him…now that ring is a “ho” magnet!

Image by Mary Engelbreit

Image by Mary Engelbreit

Breakfast With Bubbie


Written by Robin “Bubbie” Montgomery

Riverside County News Source

JLM writes:

Dear Bubbie,

I am having an issue with women openly flirting with my husband, sometimes right in front of me. I want to claw their eyes out! And the hard part is my husband seems completely oblivious to these women and how much they want him and flirt with him. He is simply clueless. So my problem isn’t with him so much, but all the women who couldn’t seem to care less that my man is MY MAN. How do I deal with these women without causing a scene or an argument between my husband and I?

Dear JLM,

My mom had a saying. “What does every woman want? What another woman has!” Unfortunately, I have found this to be true.

I personally feel that women that flirt with husbands, fiances, and boyfriends are jealous and want exactly what you have. It is disrespectful and these women leave themselves open to being called and thought of as tramps and potential homewreckers. Unfortunately people seem to forget their actions speak louder than their words ever will.

I have had to set a few women straight myself. I have handled it VERY wrong at times. For example, you probably should not go to the woman’s place of business, stand up on a bar stool and announce to everyone in the location that the woman in question had announced she didn’t care if your husband was happily married with six children and that she just wanted to have sex with your husband. Don’t do that.  While you may feel justified in doing so…you could feel (and look) like you may have lost a little piece of your mind at the same time.

Now a days, I look those flirty women straight in the eye and smile…a little deviously. I then turn to my husband and whisper something naughty in his ear. The smile he gets on his face speaks volumes. Then I look right back at the woman and wink. That way, not only does she know that I’m on to her, she knows exactly what’s going to transpire when we get home. It’s my way of getting my point across while still remaining the “lady” my mom raised me to be.

As far as your husband being oblivious…well let’s just say this seems to be an issue with the male species. That being, said it speaks volumes about your husband. Perhaps, he doesn’t see the obvious flirting because he doesn’t need or want to.  He has eyes for you and you alone.

If you are still feeling uncomfortable about the situation, TALK TO HIM. He is your partner. He is your friend. He is your confidante. Communication is, always has been, and always will be one of the main keys to any successful relationship. To paraphrase a popular saying, “They can’t fix it unless they know it’s broken.”


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One comment

  • This is right on. The first 2 to 3 years. There were all kinds of women that came up to Larry. Flirting big time. He had no idea. Even when we took a yrip out if state. We are a blended family that even our older kids saw it. I did the same thing as Robin, I whisper in Larry’s ear and gave him a big hug.
    We still make jokes about to this day and laugh. Been happily married now 25 years. Communication and trust in one another is very important.