• I thought my April Fool’s story was good but you really topped mine. Lol

  • Your not funny Trevor! That’s just plain down right mean! I was all into some of those ideas for the future use of the facilities. ?

    • I had fun writing that article and it has created a firestorm of hilarious controversy all over the Facebook pages the article was shared with. Following all the comments is pure comedy!

      • Absolutely fantastic even the 2nd time. This time I knew the outcome. Will be watching you this April 1. ?

        • I don’t think I could ever top last year’s AF’s article. That story has been viewed several hundred thousand times in the last year. Well over 350K hits last time I checked. HAHAHA


      • I honestly don’t believe it’s all false. From my experience while I served in the military service. There’s a lot that is hidden from the general public

  • OKay now that was a good one 🙂 I was like what the heck there is something cool in Hemet lol 🙂 so wait is there one

  • Ha ha argh!! As someone who works for the DOD, I knew this had to be BS. I didn’t click the link because I missed it originally. LOL!! But in real life, this wouldn’t fly. ???

  • Didn’t fool me! Ha! Ha! But a nicely written story and Hemet should be so interesting!

  • It is a great article. The sad part is there will be people that swear it is true.

    • You are SO correct. Even as the writer of the article, I have not been able to convince some readers it was all a very elaborate and detailed April Fools article.

      • You sure got me believeing that after my second read of it and I was gonna bring it up tomorrow morning at a breakfast meeting I will be going to. Wow guess I’m gullible.

  • Patricia Rodriguez

    DOOOOOOD!!!! You got me. I was so stoked and ready to share that story with my dad and brother.
    Good job, wow. Really good. Hahahaha

  • Well Trevor…you are the Master jokester this time around. Good job…you got me! Of all the jokesters around, you are the only one who got me. Congratulations!

    • Thank you Gloria. I purposely waited until just minutes before midnight on the 1st, to catch people off guard. With over 800 shares and nearly 70K views in the first 12 hours, it clearly caught people’s attention. Some of the comment threads on social media are simply hilarious.

  • You are the master! Watcha goin to do for an encore?? The world needs more humor.

  • My Father in law used to work for the City of Hemet and he never mentioned anything odd about tunnels underground. I knew this had to be fake…but it is a good Gotcha! lol

  • UGH… 3 days later and I fell victim.. UGH..

  • This may have been a joke but there are old Civil Defense bunkers out there created during the Cold War, fully stocked (or were) ready to be occupied by ??? in the event of a nuclear halocaust. There are private bunkers in the desert that one can buy into like a time share for the same purpose. Kinda like an underground cruise for unprepared survivalists. They have been featured on TV.

  • Really had me, Trevor…a good spinning of an interesting tale.

  • Disinformation. IMHO

  • All hail the Daedalians and their Lie be Real media circus theatrical stunts: Cheri Jo Bates, Sylvia Marie Flores et al.

  • It’s all Bush’s fault

  • Erna Toback, PhD

    Just think about all of the people who didn’t follow the link and still think this is true. Yikes. Not funny for them!

    • That as why I also included the red, italicized disclaimer at the bottom of the article.

      Some people still think it is real though.

      I have even been accused or being a dis-information specialist for some shadowy military or government entity. LOL


  • You had me going and my son who is a military history buff. That would have been so cool especially since MARB is very close to us. I didn’t read the red statement before I shared it with him. Got his hopes up and dashed all in the same day. Good article tho.

  • Yeah but actually there is an underground complex under March my Father worked for the civil service there after his discharge from the Air Force he told me about a secret paint they used on the missels underground there and that he rode miles and miles into a tunnel there… This was in 1974

  • Joseph Valcarce

    The April fool’s Gage is just a Government cover
    You are just a part of a conspiracy!!!

  • As a longtime Hemet resident, I respectfully demur.

    Contrary to the writers intent to disinform the public, there are actual tunnels under Hemet. These range in age, type, depth, complexity, nature, purpose and extent depending on which system one speaks of (i.e. modern tunnels, water systems, sewage, versus natural or ancient man made ones).

    While there have been no, front page expose’ lately, there has been a slow but consistent leak of urban myth fueling the imaginations of younger generations more open to questioning the rationale behind keeping such a historical sacred cow secret…

    Some of the more intrepid urban explorers have also posted videos of some of their visits to these various locales. There seems to be however no consensus on exactly what or how much is beneath the area.

    In addition there are more tangible reasons why some speculation about this areas “hollowness” may exist. A local land mark known as the Maze Stone, has increased speculation that there are more than government made tunnels beneath the valley floor or within the surrounding hills. As many analysts believe it maps an underground system of passages on its wide smooth and ancient granite face.

    If the maze stone does somehow outline the existence of tunnels in the area its riddle has yet to be cracked, and dates back to stone age civilizations whose secrets have been lost to time. What these tunnels may contain is the stuff that fuels novels and movies, but for now remains another mystery quietly waiting for future generations to resolve.

    Some circles have an ever growing opinion that these tunnels somehow relate to a more, paranormal or occultic purpose possibly in relation to the current developments around UFO’s and their apparent existence (or at least preference for being filmed) in the area.

    As a young man I was privileged to go on several hiking expeditions into the cave systems outside of the valley and in surrounding areas, and having seen the size and complexities of these natural formations which are part of the same region, history, weather etc, cannot be seen from above and stretch for hundreds of miles in all directions, I have no doubt that the potential for both natural and man made tunnels is quite high, and wrestle with the assertion that Hemet Valley would somehow NOT HAVE TUNNELS, while the surrounding areas do… unlikely.

    It is more likely that their existence is only known to a few, their access points to even fewer, so that for all intent and purpose THEY DONT EXIST to modern generations of cynics and lazy thinkers who believe only what lies visible above the surface.

    As with all things from the dusty small town of Hemet, little can be proven, and even less known for certain. What is known is that some of these tunnels were built by the government, and are part of a rather dated if not robust national defense network which stretched throughout the region. While the original modus operandi of the military tunnels may have changed, it is illogical to believe that the surrounding air bases simply shut down, cut off and abandoned all of their subterranean activities.

    Anyone familiar with March AFB, or Edwards AFB knows that there are extensive underground systems beneath the bases used as part of the defense system, of which no one who desires to keep their job will discuss, however as these bases are part of our nuclear defense position, I challenge anyone to point to an IBM, its appending ops center or its access points… none are above ground.

    While everyone knows there are nukes at these bases, few will speak about how they are quietly moved from place to place, manned and maintenanced using UNDERGROUND ACCESS COMMAND AND CONTROL TUNNEL SYSTEMS, in theory so deep and secret , they will continue to operate even after a direct nuclear strike on the surface.

    Originally intended to be an option for survival during the early years of the Cold War, advances in nuclear tactics rendered some of these structures obsolete as their existence was well known to the enemy from which the military sought to defend.

    These were the subjects of the authors article, which rightly suggested that SOME of the tunnels have been abandoned as advances in drilling and building of underground bunkers (known as DUMBS) have rendered the earliest ones OBSOLETE, but the underlying strategy remains intact as these are part to our countrys defense in the face of a nuclear attack.

    Recent admissions by various retired and active pentagon officials continue to fuel the speculation that these tunnels in the Hemet area are part of an even larger and more modern system of tunnels which stretch across the entire country and can be traveled via special pneumatic transport system.

    There is significant documentation, including logistic and financial documents which lead many investigators to continue to believe in the veracity of these various and well documented claims.

    Without an actual admission from the government however the truth of this will always by nature remain elusive for the wider public who seem to enjoy believing that these tunnels exist and are operated for other more… nefarious purposes.

    The only real way to prove or disprove however is to go down there, something no one in recent history has been able to do, officially.