Parenting Done Right-Another Random Act Of Kindness

Written by Trevor Montgomery

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Recently, Loris Pesante, who resides in Anaheim with her husband and three children, was talking to her daughter Keahnah about her upcoming birthday. Loris asked her daughter what she wanted to do to celebrate turning 8-years-old.

After thinking about it for a moment or two, Keahnah told her mom her birthday wish was to celebrate her special day by spending her day giving birthday lunches to all the homeless and less fortunate than they were. Keahnah and her family chose La Palma park and the civic center in the city of Santa Ana to hand out Keahnah’s birthday lunches.


8-year-old Keahnah. the little girl with the huge heart of gold.

On the day of her birthday, Keahnah, who suffers from a rare medical condition making it hard for her to walk any substantial distance, loaded up her wheelchair with food and water in preparation for her celebration. With help from a few extra friends and family members, Keahnah had prepared boxes topped with lunch bags filled with food, love and many goodies for everyone.

About her daughter’s act of kindness, Loris said, “I am humbled by her kind heart and love that she gives to everyone.”

Later, after spending the day handing out birthday lunches to all her new friends at the park and civic center, Loris saw Keahnah was misty eyed and she appeared a bit upset. When Loris asked Keahnah if everything was ok, Keahnah responded, “My heart is happy that I was able to do what God wanted me to do, to feed His people. But I’m so sad to see so many hurting people…even babies that have no home with their mommy or daddy.”


Princess Keahnah on her birthday, ready to begin handing out her birthday lunches.

Loris was so touched by Keahnah’s recognition of others who have so little. The only thing Keahnah wanted to know was, “Can we please go back and do this again?”

Loris, who was so grateful to know the depth of her daughter’s kindness in spite of her own physical ailments said, “She is spunky, courageous and such a warrior.”

About her daughter, Loris explained Keahnah suffers from a number of ailments, including the very rare X-Linked Myotubular Myopathy. She also suffers from mild cerebral palsy and is currently being tested for seizures and mini strokes. According to Loris, Keahnah’s own immune system and muscles are, “literally shutting down on her and she is lucky and blessed to still be alive.”

Continuing, Loris said, “Because of my child’s condition, there are days she cannot even walk. Yet today she walked the entire park handing out lunches while pushing her own wheelchair!”

Talking about her family, Loris said, “All of my children have the same rare condition. Our youngest child currently resides in a hospital due to the same conditions; but his condition is much more severe and he is currently dependent on a ventilator.”


Collage of all of the Pesante children. (Click Image To Enlarge)

About her son, Loris said, “He is 2 years old and has never been able to come home, even one single time, since birth. He resides at Health Bridge Children’s Hospital. We are there everyday when the girls are healthy enough to leave the home.”

About her daughter and the kindness she has already learned from her family, Loris said, “She is such a blessing to us all and I’m proud to be her mamma.”

Asked if Keahnah had any future plans to help those less fortunate than her, Loris said, “Yes! We are definitely going back!”


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