Brazen Redding night-time burglar arrested in connection with multiple residential burglaries

Written by Trevor Montgomery

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REDDING – A serial burglar who entered a number of local residences while people were at home sleeping has been arrested for his suspected involvement in the crimes.


Dillon Patrick Warden, 23, from Napa, California, was arrested on Nov. 19 in connection with a string of night-time burglaries.

Dillon Patrick Warden, 23-years-old, from Napa, California has been identified by Redding Police officials as the burglar who has been targeting houses during night-time burglaries. Warden reportedly entered the homes of sleeping victims through doors he found unlocked.

During his burglaries, Warden stole a wide variety of items, including: televisions, electronic tablets, laptop computers, jewelry, cash, and several firearms. The firearms included two rifles, a shotgun, and a pistol.

According to Sgt Ken McGinnis of the Redding Police Department, Warden, who is currently on parole for burglary, also has gang ties to the Santa Clara county area.

Brazen night-time burglaries rattle Redding area residents


In a press release from the Redding Police Department, Sgt. McGinnis stated all of the burglarized residences were entered through unlocked doors. In each of the cases, Sgt. McGinnis wrote that people were at their homes sleeping. The burglaries Warden has been charged with occurred in the following neighborhoods over the last several weeks:

  • 2200 block of Crescent Moon
  • 4200 block of Pasatiempo Court
  • 2300 block of Dream Street
  • 1100 block of 4th Street
  • 6800 block of Weeks Road


Shasta County Sheriff’s Redding Burglary Investigator Brian Torum received numerous tips from law enforcement officers throughout Shasta County after Warden’s photographs were shared in connection with the string of burglaries.

According to Sgt. McGinnis, several street informants identified Warden as the serial burglar from the shared images. Using the information provided, Investigator Torum compared Warden’s photograph to surveillance footage that was obtained from some of the burglary victim’s home surveillance cameras.

Two still photos from these home surveillance cameras are shown below. Some of the surveillance footage depicts Warden at the scene of a burglary holding a hatchet in his hand.

Screenshot (140)

Dillon Warden, 23, of Napa, was arrested in connection with a string of residential burglaries. In the still image on the right, Warden can be seen armed with a hatchet. The hatchet was later recovered during a search where Warden was residing in Redding. Photo Credit: Redding PD.

Warden Located and Arrested


On November 14, Warden was contacted in the 1000 block of State Street in Redding in connection with this investigation. Warden initially lied about his identity when law enforcement officers contacted him, during a probation search at his girlfriend’s residence. Based on their initial investigation, the Shasta County Marshal’s office found Warden to be in violation of his parole.

During a search of Warden’s residence, investigators from the Redding Police Department located property associated with several different reported residential burglaries. Investigators also located the clothing Warden had been wearing during one or more of the reported burglaries.

Investigators also located the hatchet Warden had been carrying during at least one of the burglaries. Warden had been caught on a home surveillance camera carrying the hatchet in one of the victim’s backyards.

After the discovery of evidence related to several burglaries, Warden was arrested and later charged with five counts of residential burglary. Warden was also booked for violation of his parole terms and conditions.

In a press release, Sgt. McGinnis stated Warden was being held without bail.

Warden arrested, however the investigation is ongoing


According to Sgt. McGinnis, the investigation into these reported burglaries is ongoing, because numerous additional burglaries were committed using a pattern and method similar to that of the burglaries Warden has been accused of committing.

In a press release, Sgt. McGinnis wrote, “California considers residential burglary a “strike” offense under the California “three strikes” law. The reason a county district attorney’s office may file a residential burglary as a strike has to do with the potential for violence, and the fact the law recognizes that a home is a person’s sanctuary from the outside world.  A burglar never knows for sure if someone is home or not, and in (these cases), people were home.”

About the burglaries and Warden’s arrest, Investigator Torum said, “The most alarming thing about this crime is the fact he was holding a hatchet while committing a burglary.” Continuing, Investigator Torum asked, “What was he going to do with (the hatchet) if a homeowner confronted him?”

Because of the ongoing nature of this investigation, Sgt. McGinnis has asked anyone with information about these or any other burglaries that might be related to Warden contact Investigator Torum at (530) 225-4214.

Callers can refer to incident file number 15-77536 and can remain anonymous.


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