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HEMET – Sometimes it is easy to focus on all the bad things the news often shares about law enforcement officers. Many people forget or simply choose not to notice or acknowledge all the good things our local law enforcement professionals do to serve our community and assist our citizens.

One recent small – but very touching – act by Hemet Police Officer M. Chavez was a perfect example of the countless random acts of kindness our officers show the citizens of Hemet on a daily basis.

Chavez was recently finishing a dispatched call for service at the City of Hemet’s City Hall when he saw an elderly woman arrive at the location. Chavez later found out the unidentified woman was at the City Hall to pay her water bill.

Chavez saw that the elderly woman was having difficulty getting out of her car and he noticed that in spite of using a cane, “she was having a hard time keeping her balance,” according to a police official.

Chavez took it upon himself to stop what he was doing and spent a few moments escorting the elderly woman into City Hall.

Rather than leave once the woman was safely inside City Hall, Chavez stood by and waited while she paid her bill and then escorted her back to her vehicle. Chavez made sure not to leave her side until she was safely back inside her car and ready to leave.

While some might say this is what anyone would do in the same situation, that is simply not always the case. By taking a few moments out of his otherwise very busy day, Chavez’ act of kindness not only made a big impression on the woman he helped, but everyone who has seen the photograph of him helping the woman or who has heard the story.

Sometimes it is not the grand gestures that make the biggest impressions. Sometimes it is the smallest acts of kindness that leave everyone involved feeling just a bit better about the city and world we live in.

About his small act, Hemet Police officials and the Hemet Police Officer’s Association issued a hearty and heartfelt, “Great job Officer Chavez!”

Personally, I would add to that sentiment, congratulating and thanking Chavez for acting in such a kind, courteous and professional manner and for making such a good impression, not only on the citizen he helped, but on all the citizens of our community.

Also, I want to thank all the hardworking and dedicated officers, deputies, firefighters, EMT’s, paramedics, dispatchers, volunteers and all the many others who serve our community and make such a positive difference in our valley and in all the lives of all those they touch on a daily basis.


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  • way to go Officer Chavez, but all of Hemet and San Jacinto Police officers that I have come in contact with in my years in this Valley have been wonderful. Keep up the good work HPD & SJPD