Revisit the Top Ten stories that helped propel RCNS and SCNS to 13 million views in 216 countries

When I created Riverside County News Source (RCNS) in October, 2015 as a simple news blog, I never could have imagined how it would have grown and expanded in such a short period of time.

In just over six years, first RCNS and later Shasta County News Source (SCNS) managed to hit 13 million unique views, a number that still absolutely boggles my mind. Add to that the fact that RCNS and SCNS articles, stories, and reports are now read in 216 worldwide countries and recognized territories, and I am just blown away.

All I can say is that I am so absolutely humbled and honored that so many people locally, nationally and from all around the world have found themselves reading an article or two written by me under the two news pages.

The best ever day with the most overall reads in 24 hours was July 24, 2016. Although I only wrote two stories for that day, those two stories were 100% exclusive RCNS blockbusters covered at the scene solely by RCNS and its affiliated videographers.

Between the two stories, the page received a combined 59,876 unique views that incredible day.

A man is taken into custody after an active shooter incident in July 2016, where he was seen on the 215 Freeway with a rifle. The incident caused the two-day shutdown of the freeway and led to a bomb squad callout.

One of those two stories, which holds the number 5 slot on this list, was about an armed gunman and active shooter crisis and bomb squad callout that shut down I-215 in Riverside County for an entire day and night.

That story was the first of many times my name and Riverside County News Source were ever mentioned on live news broadcasts that later picked up the story and used all information, video and photographs that RCNS provided. By the end of the day, my story and/or photos had been picked up by ABC, CBS, NBC, KTLA, Telemundo, and a few others.

On a side note, the late Chris Burrous, of KTLA Channel 5 News in SoCal, even tweeted out that the “Best Info” coming out about the breaking incident could be found on my page and he provided the link, along with my headline and photographs of the suspect being handcuffed after he was apprehended. 

In honor of recently reaching the 13 million read milestone, I am sharing the top ten stories (based on number of total reads) that RCNS and SCNS have ever published. Some, like the number one slot for RCNS, may really surprise you!

Although published on April 1, 2016, with nearly 82,000 views since publication, an article written as an “April Fools” spoof, continues to be the number one read article on the RCNS and SCNS pages and continues to cause controversy, allegations, and even threats of violent retaliation.

Speaking of the number one top read RCNS article, let me tell you… although published back on April 1st, 2016, that tall-tale continues to be one of my most read daily articles and almost always makes my Top 20 daily read articles.

Years later, I still get regular comments, emails, messages, accusations of being a government disinformation specialist and so, so much worse.

I have even received threats to my life over the article and was featured on a very popular conspiracy theorist’s website and podcast about how I am a government agent of the deepest and darkest level and working with and for “The Dark Forces That Seek To Destroy Our World.”

I kid you not.

All over an April Fool’s article.

If you want some real laughs and fun, read through the comments section at the bottom of the article. It will give you just a tiny taste of what I have had to endure now for five years!

So, without further ado, here you go:

Top Ten Riverside County News Source (RCNS)
and Shasta County News Source (SCNS) articles:

Number 1, with 81,744 unique views:

Number 2, with 69,891 unique views:

Number 3, with 67,979 unique views:

Number 4, with 58,883 unique views:

Number 5, with 52,061 unique views:

Number 6, with 49,664 unique views:

Number 7, with 48,628 unique views:

Number 8, with 46,186 unique views:

Number 9, with 44,031 unique views:

Number 10, with 42,434 unique views:

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Trevor Montgomery, 49, moved in 2017 to the Intermountain area of Shasta County from Riverside County and runs Riverside County News Source and Shasta County News Source. Additionally, he writes or has written for several other news organizations; including KRCR News Channel 7 and Mountain Echo in Shasta County, Riverside County based newspapers, Valley News, Valley Chronicle, Anza Valley Outlook, and Hemet & San Jacinto Chronicle; as well as Bonsall/Fallbrook Village News in San Diego County.

Trevor spent 10 years in the U.S. Army as an Orthopedic Specialist before joining the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department in 1998. He was medically retired after losing his leg, breaking his back, and suffering both spinal cord and brain injuries in an off-duty accident. (Click here to see segment of Discovery Channel documentary of Trevor’s accident.)

During his time with the sheriff’s department, Trevor worked at several different stations; including Robert Presley Detention Center, Southwest Station in Temecula, Hemet/Valle Vista Station, Ben Clark Public Safety Training Center, and Lake Elsinore Station; along with other locations.

Trevor’s assignments included Corrections, Patrol, DUI Enforcement, Boat and Personal Water-Craft based Lake Patrol, Off-Road Vehicle Enforcement, Problem Oriented Policing Team, and Personnel/Background Investigations. He finished his career while working as a Sex Crimes and Child Abuse Investigator and was a court-designated expert in child abuse and child sex-related crimes.

Trevor has been married for more than 30 years and was a foster parent to more than 60 children over 13 years. He is now an adoptive parent and his “fluid family” includes 13 children and 18 grandchildren.