Enjoy a few good laughs with Murrieta PD’s Weekly Roundup 10/16

From Murrieta PD/Facebook:

– If it’s after midnight and you’re doing things that look suspicious, don’t be surprised when Officer Gannuscio contacts you. We all know that #nothinggoodhappensaftermidnight and Steven Bell, David Wirtz and Dionne Blanco learned that Friday morning. Steven had some narcotics and David and Dionne had outstanding warrants. They all ended up at #thebyrdhouse.


UPDATE: Search continuing for Idyllwild man, 80, with Alzheimer’s

Aguanga pedestrian, 77, dies after struck by golf cart inside RV resort

Bodies of SoCal men recovered after drowning at Eastman Lake near FRM

– Don’t you hate it when you have a great plan and it falls apart? Friday night Jacob Casey and Jason Garbe were all set to partake in some criminal activity when they were rudely interrupted by Officer Huss and Officer Hom. #whatfuddyduddies You see, a business owner was watching surveillance video and he saw Jacob and Jason taking a trailer that didn’t belong to them. #howrude That business owner called MPD and Officers Huss and Hom responded. The officers arrived just as the duo was driving away with the freshly stolen trailer. #soclose #yetsofar When the officers conducted a records check on both, they discovered that Jacob was on formal probation for possessing stolen property and that Jason had a felony warrant for possessing stolen vehicles. #imnoticingapattern Guess what, the truck they were driving was reported stolen too. #seriously #stoptakingthingsthatarentyours Jacob and Jason were taken to #thebyrdhouse and the property was returned to the owners. Maybe they needed the trailer to help Cheryl get her new She Shed. We’ll never know. #cherylssheshed #themysterycontinues

– Around the same time that Officers Hom and Huss were handling the stolen vehicles, MPD dispatch received a call regarding an intoxicated female that was attempting to leave a #pizzapizza establishment in a vehicle. The employee stated that the female appeared to be intoxicated and that she had almost fallen while walking back to her vehicle. #didshegetthecarryoutinsurance The persuasive employee convinced the female to return inside the store for some free breadsticks in an attempt to prevent her from driving away. #quickthinking #greatjob It’s a good thing that the employee did, because the officers contacted Susan Munoz and found her to be well above the legal limit. Susan was placed under arrest and booked into #CBDC.

– Sunday morning Officer Miller responded to a fast food establishment regarding a male that was causing a disturbance. A little advice, if you don’t want the police to arrest you for your felony warrant, you shouldn’t do things to get their attention. #FYI Paul Aguirre learned that the hard way.

– Sunday afternoon Officer Bock contacted three subjects loitering near an ATM machine. One of the subjects, William Pearson was found to be on #PRCS probation for possessing burglary tools. During a probation search, Officer Bock located checks not belonging to William. #canyouexplainthese Officer Bock contacted the owners of the checks and discovered that they had been stolen from mailboxes in Murrieta. #mailtheft Mr. Pearson went to #thebyrdhouse with an array of charges. #9pmroutine #thisiswhy #dontbeavictim

– As you recall, the Parole Probation Compliance Team checks on local parolee and probationers to ensure that they are in compliance with their release terms. #seehowwecameupwiththename Thursday morning while conducting a probation check they contacted Richard Burns, Michael Cash, Cassandra Simons and Paula Angels. Unfortunately for Cassandra, the officers discovered her felony warrant. #youregoingtojail Unfortunately for Michael and Paula, the team discovered their narcotics. #yourebothgoingtojailtoo While searching Richard’s vehicle, which is pursuant to his #PRCS terms, they located items that were an exact match to a theft report that MPD had recently taken. #saywhat You guessed it, Richard joined the other three with a trip to #thebyrdhouse. (Most current booking photos not available at time of posting)

– Have you ever had one of those days where you just can’t catch a break? Michael Torres is having one today. Officer Leitch was on routine patrol when he conducted a traffic stop and the driver just happened to be Michael Torres. Unfortunately for Michael, he had just left a store where he had forgotten to pay for several items. #IhateitwhenIdothat What started out as an infraction quickly escalated to a trip to #CBDC.


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