Missing from Mt. Shasta since last May, year-long search for San Francisco man continuing

MT. SHASTA, Calif — Exactly one year ago, Mt. Shasta Police Department began searching for 28-year-old, Davohnte Morgan, who disappeared without a trace the morning after having a fight with his girlfriend that led to them breaking up. He was last seen walking down Mt. Shasta Boulevard around 9:45 a.m., on May 5, 2020.

Officials, who have called Morgan’s disappearance “highly unusual”, have said the missing person’s case is being investigated as suspicious in nature.

“We are coming up on the year anniversary since Davohnte Morgan’s disappearance and we are continuing to investigate any leads that are being given,” Mt. Shasta PD said in a recent update regarding their ongoing, year-long investigation; adding, “We are hopeful for a resolution on this case.”


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Mt. Shasta Police Department began searching for Morgan on May 7th of last year, after his then-girlfriend reported him missing.

She told officers at the time that she had broken up with Morgan during an argument the night of May 4th, according to MSPD. She also told officers that both she and Morgan stayed the night at the Cold Creek Inn and that in the morning she had gone out to see the sunrise.

“While walking back she crossed paths with Morgan, but they did not speak,” officials have explained. “That was the last time she said she saw him.”

Missing since last May, Davohnte Morgan – who disappeared without a trace the morning after having a fight with his girlfriend that led to them breaking up, was captured on multiple area surveillance cameras as he walked around the Mt. Shasta area the morning of his May 5th disappearance. Mt. Shasta Police Department video

After she reported Morgan as missing on the 7th, MSPD entered his name, description, and other information into the Missing Person’s System and posted details to social media requesting information about his disappearance.

At the time, the story was picked up and shared by several Mt. Shasta, Medford and Redding area news outlets and led to a number of leads the department has since followed up on.

“Shortly after taking the investigation we were able to find video surveillance of him walking (past) the police department on the day he was reported to have gone missing,” MSPD reported in one of many social media updates over the last year. 

“The timeline was consistent with the original report and corroborated the timeline for the initial statement,” officials said at the time.

As part of their initial investigation, MSPD requested Mt. Shasta area businesses and residents to check their surveillance videos for any sign of Morgan. That request and additional follow-up led to the discovery of ten surveillance camera videos from eight different locations that showed Morgan in the immediate hour after he was last seen by his girlfriend.

“We watched surveillance video at MSPD for a consecutive 72-hour time period from the point he is last seen on video. In addition, we watched surveillance video at eight different locations to attempt to track his movements,” officials explained.

While reviewing those videos, officials were able to observe Morgan walking around Mt. Shasta “for approximately one hour and covering about 2.25 miles” before he disappeared from any of the cameras’ views.

“This hour timeline is after he was last reported to have been seen,” MSPD previously reported.


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Department officials have said their detectives contacted a number of area law enforcement agencies, including San Francisco PD “for consultation and follow-up”, Freemont PD to check a residence, Redding FBI and others.

Additionally, the department requested and utilized Siskiyou County Search and Rescue assets with cadaver dogs to search two possible locations – including a private residence – for remains. One of those areas searched “was based on a hearsay report of a possible dumping of body,” said officials.

With assistance from members of Siskiyou County Search and Rescue and members of Southern Oregon Search and Rescue, MSPD also conducted an exhaustive and thorough grid search that included the City of Mt. Shasta and all areas within approximately one mile of where Morgan was last seen.

Officials also checked all hotels throughout Siskiyou County, as well as all county and Greyhound buses and bus stations, all taxi companies offering service from Medford to Redding, and all Amtrak services through the area. They also followed up on a number of reported possible sightings and conducted searches of areas outside the Mt. Shasta area.

“We have met with and fully disclosed facts, theories, and information pertaining to the investigation to a private investigator hired for the family,” officials also reported last year.

“We have received a lot of questions regarding why we have not conducted a search of the wilderness area and waterways around Mount Shasta,” officials have said; explaining, “This is not practical as Siskiyou County is the size of Delaware and Connecticut combined – or all of Hawaii.”

“The national forest land that comes into Siskiyou County covers approximately 4 million acres, and there are multiple rivers and over 260 lakes,” officials continued. “There are also a lot of people in the national forest at any given time and it would be impossible to contact all of them by helicopter to rule them out and helicopters are not likely to see a person who is deceased on the ground or under the cover of the trees.”

“There is nothing to support he entered any wilderness area and we have no starting point to search,” they added.


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As of right now, MSPD says there is no phone to search for, no known vehicle involved. They have also said Morgan was not equipped for camping or mountaineering when he went missing and that they are now hoping for new leads to surface to help give them direction in their ongoing investigation.

They have asked that anyone who may have previously submitted a tip via social media but was never contacted by their detectives to re-contact them, explaining, “If you have previously commented with information on shared social media posts and have not heard from us, please call as we cannot see all post comments because of privacy settings.”

Officials have also asked that anyone who may have any additional information about Morgan’s disappearance or knows his current whereabouts to contact the department at (530) 926-7540.

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